How Little Exercise can Boost Your Mood ؟

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It’s no secret that exercise can produce powerful mood-boosting endorphins. But do you really need to break a sweat to reap those benefits? A new study in the Journal of Health Psychology says no: Simply getting up and moving around seems to reduce feelings of depression, say researchers at the University of Connecticut.

Light physical activity was actually associated with the biggest emotional benefit in the study, compared to moderate and high-intensity exercise. No association was found between emotional state and vigorous physical activity, but that can still be considered good news, say the authors. The finding contradicts a previous study that suggested vigorous exercise could actually worsen psychological wellbeing.

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 The study included 419 middle-age adults who completed health and activity questionnaires, and then wore activity trackers for four days. In line with previous research, people who reported higher levels of sedentary behavior over the last six months also reported lower levels of subjective wellbeing. In other words, they were the least happy.